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Contract Work

The HAUSLER production centres offer a wide range of fields for contract work. Use our expertise in manufacturing and assembly to manufacture your own products. Our plants in Herten-Rheinfelden (Germany) and Duggingen (Switzerland) are almost identically equipped. We offer flexible short term manufacturing as well as high quality standards. Workshop capacities include gas cutting, welding, machining, painting, assembly, etc. From parts fabrication to full machine production, including engineering, hydraulics and electrics, fell free to contact us with your ideas. Our infrastructure can also be used for machine revisions and repairs.


Top quality manufacturing is standard for us since our own products are being used in safety sensitive areas such as aviation, automotive, ship building or petro chemicals. We achieve this high quality through our responsible employees which are guided by experienced managers. We practice our own quality management, customizing it, if necessary, to the extended specification of remittance work. Our employees are in constant training in order to adapt to the fast-shifting requirements of their work. Through their work at HAEULSER our employees have achieved a high technical versatility and flexibility.


For many years the name HAEUSLER has been synonymous with excellent technical solutions, and the company is responsible for a number of bending technology innovations.

The ‘Rollmeister’ was created to make the experience, innovative force and knowledge of HAEUSLER AG Duggingen accessible in the cost-sensitive standard machine sector. The purpose of the ‘Rollmeister’ is to offer high-quality 4-roll plate bending machines with a wall thickness capacity up to 40mm as part of a highly standardised product range. For more information visit

Second Hand Machines

In the field of second hand equipment HAEUSLER is offering a full range package consisting of:

  • Repurchase of used machines regardless of age, condition or location.
  • Repairs and maintenance using original spare parts
  • Modernization of HAEUSLER machines by implementing the latest technology
  • Sale of renewed machines as economical solution to improve your production assets

Please find our current second hand portfolio on or contact us for an assessment of your used HAEUSLER equipment.