VRM 4-roll plate bending machine│Bending becomes child’s play

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VRM 4-roll plate bending machine

in perfection

Optimum bending geometry and perfect suitability for bending conical parts. The Haeusler VRM has been the absolute class leader in the field of 4-roll bending machines for decades. Renowned customers worldwide swear by the advantages of the Haeusler VRM.

at a glance

Highest torques

Very high accuracy

Optimum roll material

Perfect bending results

Bending becomes child's play

for continuous use

The Haeusler VRM was developed for “HEAVY DUTY” use. 365 days – 24 hours, the Haeusler VRM is always at your service. In addition, the optimized bending geometry allows the smallest possible bending ends to be realized. The VRM is the result of more than 50 years of continuous development work. Combined with the new patented Haeusler BENDtronic® control, it is the benchmark for 4-roll bending machines today. Of course in proven Haeusler quality – Swiss made.

Highest torques

By using rotary drives with very high torques, we enable our customers to finish their products in just a few passes, thereby increasing their productivity. In addition, all rotary drives are equipped with a fast reacting brake system as standard. This ensures precise and safe working.


Very high accuracy

Due to the special and patented arrangement of the side roll cylinders, the guide ways could be more than doubled compared to other suppliers. This enables the highest bending accuracy to be achieved permanently and reduces wear to a minimum.


Optimum roll material

HAEUSLER uses only the most suitable roll material for our bending machines. The material is forged at our partner forges as close as possible to the final contour and then finally machined. This ensures that the properties produced by the forging process are optimally transferred to the finished roll. For our customers, this means maximizing machine life time.


Perfect bending results

The optimized bending geometry of the HAEUSLER VRM allows the bending of the smallest diameters with the smallest possible flat ends. In addition, this bending geometry was also optimized for bending conical components.


Bending becomes child's play

The latest generation of the patented HAEUSLER control system BENDtronic with integrated artificial intelligence enables the operator to achieve perfect bending results right from the start.

Standard equipment

Automatic central grease lubrication for easy maintenance

By using an automatic central grease lubrication system, all relevant points of the machine are automatically lubricated.

Fast reacting overrun brake for precise bending

The quick-reacting overrun brakes fitted as standard enable the operators to work very precisely. Furthermore, these brakes are an important safety factor, as they prevent plates from slipping out of the machine unintentionally.

Ethernet connection for online access

The online access enables our service engineers to access our customers’ machines within the shortest possible time and guarantees an optimal support.

Optional equipment

Change rolls for bending small diameters

Exchangeable rolls enable our customers to bend even very small diameters. HAEUSLER machines are equipped in such a way that the roll in use is automatically recognized and the operating pressure is regulated accordingly.

Cone bending device, for bending conical parts

Allows continuous bending of conical parts with a cone angle greater than 5°.

Gas accumulator for calibration of welded cylinders

During the calibration process, the welded cylinder is clamped between the upper and lower rolls. While the cylinder rotates, the welded seam passes repeatedly between the top and bottom rolls. Due to the gas accumulator the lower roll adapts to the weld seam during rotation. This prevents overloading of the rolls bearings and the drive system.

Optional accessories

Upper support for simplified bending of large diameters

Upper supports simplify the bending of large diameters, since during the bending process the plate to be bent can be held and supported at 12 o’clock position.

Lateral support for simplified bending of large diameters

Lateral supports can be mounted on both sides of the machine and support the plate during bending.

Infeed roller table for quick and easy feeding of the plates into the machine

Infeed roller conveyors (optionally also with centering device) simplify the loading of the machine. Plates are deposited on the roller table and transported from there into the machine.

VRM applications
Bending to perfection.

The Haeusler VRM has been the benchmark in the field of 4-roll plate bending machines for decades. Extremely versatile and absolutely reliable. For this reason VRMs are very often used in the following industries:
Plate bending
for shipbuilding.

The HAEUSLER VRM is used, among other things, in the construction of container, passenger and naval ships.

Plate bending for the
Production of wind energy.

With HAEUSLER plate bending machines you are well prepared for the growing demand for wind turbines by increasing your output and flexibility.

Plate bending for
Power plant construction.

HAEUSLER plate bending machines are used by leading power plant suppliers for all bending and forming operations up to reactor construction.

Plate bending for the
On- & Offshore Industry

HAEUSLER has many years of experience in the development and production of production machines for on- and offshore applications.

Plate bending for the
Construction of pressure vessels.

Do you produce a wide variety of tank products & do you need to be very flexible & fast in production to adapt to the needs of your customers? Our machines are the answer to this challenge!

Plate bending for
the aerospace industry.

The HAEUSLER VRM is used among other things in the aerospace industry.

With best recommendations


After many years of experience with many different brands, we exclusively recommend Haeusler when productivity, quality, service and reliability are important to you.

Erik Iversen, Vestas Asia Pacific, Singapore, Vice President

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Our reliable quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures our customers a consistently high product and service quality.